The original idea of the investor was to design an apartment building, terraced houses, duplex houses and infrastructure in the area. The main intention of the investors is to create a comfortable and functional housing area. 

SO 26 a SO 27 Apartment houses

The apartment houses (SO 26 and SO 27) are designed as brick, four-storied houses with attic apartments. These apartment houses are without cellar construction, with saddle roof with rake angle of 35°. Height of the roof ridge is 16,75metres, or rather 18,28metres. Built up area is 383,49 square metres. The house is fully wheelchair accessible, with the elevator. There are common technical rooms in the ground floor. Parking places for cars are just in front of the building. 

There are flat units of different sizes, particularly flats of 2+kitchenette and 3+kitchenette. Apartments in the fourth floor are of the 4+kitchenette and 5+kitchenette. 

SO 11 - SO 25 Terraced houses

Terraced houses (SO 11 till SO 25) are designed as brick houses with ground floor and attic. The house is without cellar. Saddle roof is directed to the street, with the rake angle of 40°. Roof ridge in the height of 9 metres. The situation on the plot allows the axial width of 10 metres. The depth of built up area is between 9 and 10,5 metres. The built up area of both types of terraced houses is max. 100 square metres (without terrace). Area surrounded by buildings stretches up to 650 cubic metres. Useful area is ca. 103,6 square metres. There are flats of the size of 4+kitchenette till 6+kitchenette. Parking places for cars are in the garage which is part of the house.

SO 28, SO 29, SO 31, SO 32 Semi-detached houses

Semi-detached houses (SO 28 - SO 31) are brick buildings with ground floor and attic. The houses are without cellars, saddle roof is with 40° roof angle, directed to the street line. The height of the roof ridge is 9,5 metres. The built up area is max. 240 square metres (without terrace). The house consits of 2 dwelling units of the same size, specularly turned. There are units of the size of 5+kitchenette. Parking place is in the garage, which is part of the house.